White Polo Shirt with Blue Logo

  • White Polo Shirt with Blue Logo by Espresso & Exotics

White Polo Shirt with Blue Logo


Espresso and Exotics (TM) is an organization that is 100% charitable and donates the net proceeds of any income to local charities, including all proceeds from this high-quality White Polo Shirt.


Product Description

Whether you’re hitting the links with your golf buddies, or just looking for that business casual look with a bit of color, this bright White Polo Shirt from Espresso and Exotics (TM) is a sure hit. All proceeds from the purchase of this product will go to support local charities abroad.

These Polo Shirts are made with the highest-quality cotton & synthetic blends, and are vividly colored in a variety of shades. Your contribution to this charitable organization will benefit local charities that work to enable the underprivileged youth of our nation, as well as other institutions that aid those suffering from varied health issues.

White Polo Shirt adorned with the Espresso and Exotics (TM) logo in Blue.

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